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The Witch Hunter

The Witch Hunter by Virginia Boecker


Elizabeth and best friend (and secret crush) Caleb are the best witch hunters in the kingdom. They regularly capture witches and wizards for Lord Blackwell, the king’s uncle and head of the witch-hunter guards. With the rise of magic (and witch-burnings) in the kingdom, their services are highly valued.

But when Elizabeth is accused of witchcraft, she has a new challenge: How can she stay alive in a world where an accusation of witchcraft leads to almost immediate death? She has to rely on the very people she tried to capture to keep her alive.

Witch Hunter


heartRomance Score: Between You’re Trying and Good Effort  

The romance between Elizabeth and a certain young wizard is (naturally) complicated. They each bring their own baggage and prejudice, and are forced to live life-and-death situations every day. I thought the romance was nicely developing, but not particularly swoon-worthy. I’m excited to see where the next book in the sequel takes us.

Feminist Score: A+ SuccessRosie

Elizabeth kicks ass. She saves herself over and over again, puts her friends first, and doesn’t allow crushes to get in the way of what’s really important. She’s the kind of friend and protector you want on your side. Her personality reminded me of Kel from The Protector of the Small series, though of course in a different context.
diversity people circle icon

Diversity Score: You’re Trying

This was my one big gripe with this book. I didn’t think it was particularly diverse. The characters were, to my knowledge, white and straight. The author created her own world (based loosely on Tudor England), so she had a lot of flexibility with creating more diverse characters.

wow icon

Awesome Factor: Between You’re Trying and Good Effort

The Witch Hunter was an interesting take on medieval times with (real) witchcraft. I enjoyed Elizabeth, her friendships, and the plot development throughout the book. I do wish there had been some more diversity, but overall, I liked the story.


Favorite Character

Elizabeth – She is fierce, brave, and smart.  She’s a witch hunter. What a bad-ass.

Favorite Line

I’m weak. I’m tired. I’m injured. I’m confused. I’m ashamed of what I’ve done, afraid of what I’ve got to do. I am what I always feared I’d be: alone. I’m going into that tomb alone; I’m going to die alone. This is what Nicholas knew, what he didn’t want to tell me. He didn’t have to. Because deep down I knew it, too.

In this line, Elizabeth learns that she has to (once again) face her biggest fear to save her friends. And in this moment, she has to decide what kind of person she wants to be – the witch hunter she always was, or the friend of the witches she’s starting to become.

Is this worth a book hangover?

I enjoyed the book, especially the plot an d the development of the main character, Elizabeth. It’s not quite on my “hangover” list, but it’s a good read.

Fun Author Fact

Virginia is a huge English history buff. Many of the settings for The Witch Hunter are based on real places in castles and  manors in England.

Read This Next

Try The Selection series by Kiera Cass. While the plot seems a little silly (think The Bachelorette for the next princess), the series is set in a dystopian kingdom with lots of political changes. Check it out!

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