Book Chat: Push Girl

Push Girl by Chelsie Hill & Jessica Love

SummaryPush Girl

As Kara leaves a party one night, she has no idea that her drive home will change her life forever. Kara is hit by a drunk driver, and wakes up in the hospital and can’t feel her legs. The doctor breaks the news to her – she’ll never be able to walk again.

Suddenly, life as she knew it is over. Not only does she have to adapt to life in a wheelchair, but her relationships drastically change. Her cute, popular boyfriend won’t visit or call her, her dad is acting over-protective, and her mom won’t look her in the eye. Worst of all, she can no longer participate in dance, the great love of her life.

Push Girl is the story about the after – after the accident, after your life is changed forever, and after you learn who your true friends are. Kara learns about how to make a life for yourself after life as you know it is over.


Favorite Character

Amanda . She’s exactly the friend that Kara needs at the time – bright, cheery, and able to distract Kara whenever possible. I also like that she actually gets mad at Kara sometimes – so she’s less one-dimensional than Jack.

Favorite Line

I can’t find the exact line now,  I loved when Kara told Jack to stop pushing her against her will. As Jess and I discussed in the podcast, there are so many nuances to wheelchair culture that those of us who aren’t a part of it don’t think about. And I can imagine just how frustrating it must  be to have people push you, even when they mean to help, when you aren’t ready to leave.

Fun Author Fact

Push Girls is co-written by Chelsie Hill & Jessica Love. Chelsie has an incredible story, one that far surpasses even Kara’s! When Chelsie was seventeen, she was in a devastating car accident and became a paraplegic. She now speaks to teens around the country about drunk driving, and started the Walk and Roll Foundation, a nonprofit educating teens on distracted driving, with father. Not only is she an author, nonprofit founder, and motivational speaker – but she is also a competitive wheelchair dancer. You can learn more about her on her website.

Is this worth a book hangover?

I think this book could be a great late middle school or early high school read. It talks about two important subjects – drunk driving and paraplegic life – in an easily digestible and interesting way. While I don’t think it’s quite hangover worthy, it is important – and I love that this story is co-written by someone who can really relate to Kara’s experience.  

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Anisha loves books, Gilmore Girls, and her Kuerig. She’s been reading mainstream YA since she was actually a young adult, and Jess is helping her expand her horizons with more diverse, interesting books from newer authors.

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