Get to Know Anisha

It’s our blog birthday week and we’re celebrating by sharing a little bit about what we’ve learned and where we’re going. We also are answering some questions about ourselves so you can get to know the readers behind the reviews!anisha1.png

Today, it’s all about Anisha!

What does alternate universe (AU) Anisha look like?

I’ve thought long and hard about this one. Alternate universe Anisha has a Yorkie teacup puppy named Tobi (my husband hates dogs) and a tattoo of a book on her back right shoulder (I have a very low pain tolerance). I would live in Colorado and run all the time (in this world, I like running). I would also have a really cool hipster job, like working in a bookstore while doing stand-up comedy at night.

 What are 5 things you’re into right now?

Sorta Awesome PodcastI’m a podcast addict, and this podcast is on the top of my list. Sorta Awesome is co-hosted by Megan Tietz and three rotating co-hosts, including Laura Termaine of the Hollywood Housewife blog. This podcast has a range of topics – from Hollywood Life to crime shows to dealing with social anxiety. I love that this show celebrates the wonderful awesomeness of every-day life.

Under Armour Socks – Okay, socks are kind of boring, I get it. But they’re on your feet all the time! I used to buy the cheap socks at Target, and get holes in them within three months. But I bought a pack of ankle-high socks and LOVE them. I thought they would be very expensive, but I got a ten-pack at TJ Max for $15 dollars, and they’ve been awesome!

The only problem is that my husband has been trying to convince me to buy them for months, and I hate when he’s right.

Meatballs – I’ve been trying new meatball recipes lately, and putting them in everything. My current favorites are half-sausage, half-beef, and full of parmesan cheese.

Target Storage ContainersI can’t deal with clutter, and if given a choice, my husband would be a hard-core hoarder. Cute storage bins have saved us from so many fights. I can deal with saving a year’s worth of Time magazines if they are stored in a cute, neat basket underneath our coffee table. And I have an excuse to throw some of them out when the bin gets too heavy.

My Planner – My friends got me a beautiful planner for my bachelorette party, and it’s my baby. I keep everything in my planner. It’s definitely more expensive than I’d buy on my own, but as a bachelorette party gift, it’s absolutely perfect.

What are some things you love (or hate) that are “unpopular opinions”?

Hate Twitter – I feel like such a weird millennial to say that I hate Twitter. I love social media, and I read a lot of blogs, so it’s not an issue of me being a visual person. I just don’t like Twitter! It’s too fast, too loud, and too confusing. Thankfully, Jess is a Twitter rock star and runs our account with grace and humor.

Love Gluten – I feel like everyone’s hating on bread these days, or at least trying to cut back. I’m absolutely the opposite. Give me bread in any form – from rolls to naan to tortillas to a French loaf, and I’ll eat it.

Love Justin Bieber – Maybe he’s back and other people love him now too? But in my mind, he never left. I sing Love Yourself in the car every time I’m alone.

What book do you wish you could live in (excluding the obvious answer- Harry Potter)?

Ugh, Harry Potter is totally the obvious answer. If I had to pick another, I’d be in Tortall in the Tamora Pierce series Protector of the Small. Yes, I know it’s idiotic, and that people die all the time for stupid wars and like… patriarchy / tough social structure. But living in a world with magic and knights, and a changing political time, would be so interesting.

If you could pick your siblings, which book characters would you pick?

My brother is pretty awesome, so I wouldn’t trade him willingly. But if I had to pick: Lara Jean from PS: I Still Love You and Simon from Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda as my younger siblings. Both are super cute, and look like they need an older sibling for advice. Plus Lara Jean has her fashion and baking skills together, two areas that I’d like to get better in!

What are your three favorite non-YA books?

One of my favorite books is Little Women, by Louisa May Alcott. That may or may not count as young adult, so I’m going to pick three additional ones.

I love The Other Boleyn Girl by Philippa Greggory, Good in Bed by Jennifer Weiner (no, it’s not all about sex), and Better Than Before by Gretchen Rubin. And I have to give a shout-out to Jodi Picoult, who is one in my top-three author list, as she consistently writes thought-provoking books, but missed the cut on my all-time favorite book list.

There we go. I can’t limit myself to three books or three authors. Because books are all my friends.

What’s your favorite TV show?

Gilmore Girls is my historical favorite, and I’m so excited (and terrified) for the reboot next year. I’m currently binge-watching Parenthood on Netflix. I’m currently on the last season, so I’ll be very sad to leave these characters soon.

If you had to eat one food (not cuisine, food) for a whole month, what would it be?

So let’s assume that whatever I eat has enough nutritional value so I don’t die, right? Because if not, then I’d pick some super food and, you know, be alive in a month.

But if I can live on this food, I’d pick ice cream. Preferably a mix of varieties, but if I had to pick one only – Ben and Jerry’s Tonight Dough. It has peanut butter cookie dough in it.

What’s one silly thing you can’t live without?

Hair elastics. I’m constantly putting my hair up, and I probably go through at least one a day. Maybe I’ll feel like a grown up when I can leave my hair down for more than one hour at a time.

What’s one thing people are always surprised about you?

Jessa and Ben

She totally did.


I’m obsessed with anything related to fundamentalist, conservative Christian culture. I follow the Duggars (from 19 Kids and Counting) and other fundamentalist families online, and may or may not have attended a Southern Women’s Show a week before my wedding in order to see one of the Duggar women speak. I’m really cool.

So, that’s Anisha in a nutshell!



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2 responses to “Get to Know Anisha

  1. rebelliouscupid

    My fave YA book w/ underrepped characters was a book called The Sistahood:On The Mic by Elisha Miranda. it was like the first YA book that featured a dark skinned afro-latina with a love for true hip hop and almost all her friends were queer girls of color including her love interest who was AA. When I tell you that I’d never read a character that embodied me so much before this…

    I didn’t know a book like this had even existed and if it hadn’t been for a book blog that’s main focus was lesbian fiction, I would have never discovered it. Which is why blogs like these are so important!


    • Yes! This is so important – and #largefears chat was so on point – quiltbag+ characters are never JUST quiltbag+ – because who is JUST ONE THING? And we need to start seeing that reflected in more books. I’m glad you finally found your mirror! Hopefully, we’ll get the word out about books like that so everyone can connect like that to a character! 🙂


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