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It’s our blog birthday week and we’re celebrating by sharing a little bit about what we’ve learned and where we’re going. We also are answering some questions about ourselves so you can get to know the readers behind the reviews! Yesterday, Anisha gave us the intel.

Now, it’s Jess’s turn! winter hat2

What would alternate universe (AU) Jess be like? 

Alternate Jess would have a black cat named Mogget, spend lots of time at bookstores and cafes writing her bestseller, and live in Ireland, Scotland, or Turkey. AU Jess would spend lots of time hiking in old growth forests and actually doing camp out hikes (instead of dreaming about them). And would also be a perpetual student – attending universities around the world. (Writing this I realize how much of this I could in fact achieve as Real Jess and now I want to make some life changes.)

What are 5 things you’re into right now?

Learning How to Dress Myself – I want to put on clothes and feel like myself and wear clothes that amplify my happiness. This doesn’t come naturally to me and I didn’t learn how to do it in high school, so I’m learning now.

Short Haircuts – I had a pixie cut when I was in fifth grade and I’ve been dreaming about returning to short-hairedness for a long time. I committed to short(er) a few weeks ago, but I think I really want to go all the way. I’m pretty stoked that short hair on women became popular recently and I’m ready to join the bandwagon…just as everyone else seems to have started growing theirs out.

Notebooks/Journals – For a long time in high school, people would always buy me notebooks for my birthday. It was the go-to gift when they didn’t know me well and so I have a huge collection of beautiful notebooks. At that time, I was too nervous to actually use them, I didn’t want to mar the beauty, but now I realize that filling them with words adds instead of subtracts. Plus, what’s the point if you don’t use something for its purpose?

Turkish Sour Cherry Mineral Water – I love drinking one of these while I’m watching an episode of Supernatural or Buffy before bed. They’re the perfect mix of carbonation, fruity flavor, and crisp, cold drink.

Vision Lists (instead of a board) – I’m trying to look to the future and seeing a beautifully created list of things to focus on (whether it’s power words or goals for the year or whatever) is helping me prioritize and remember what I’m looking toward.

What are some things you love (or hate) that are “unpopular opinions”?

Hate leggings as pants – They can function similarly to pants, but I just don’t think they function the same.

Hate cheese – I learned to tolerate some cheese while living in Turkey and I cherish a few random cheesy treats, but honestly, I can’t forget that it’s basically rotten milk!

Hate iphones – They are hard to use and I don’t like them. Together, Anisha and I have officially crossed into “old curmudgeon” territory with our love/hate lists.

What book do you wish you could live in (excluding the obvious answer- Harry Potter)?

I would probably choose EarthSea from Ursula K. Le Guin’s series, especially in the later books when balance between gender powers starts to return and assuming, of course, that I could harness the power of names because the world would be a little less interesting otherwise.

If you could pick your siblings, what book characters would you pick?

My sisters are pretty stellar, so I’d add to my sibling list rather than replace. I think I would pick Tenar from EarthSea because she has a badass hidden…talent, Quinn from All American Boys because he would be a great older brother to learn from, and Andy from Under a Painted Sky because she has nerves of steel, but also allows herself the space to reconsider her position.

What are your three favorite non-YA books? 

My go-to adult rereads are listed here. I have a feeling that a book by Nnedi Okorafor will be on this list soon. I started reading one of hers and the writing drew me in, but I want to read more books before choosing a favorite. And limiting to three is REALLY hard, so I’m choosing the ones that I would absolutely pack in my bag if I were leaving for a really long, very luggage-limited trip.

  1. Dune by Frank Herbert
  2. Among Others by Jo Walton
  3. Anything by Ursula K. Le Guin because she is amazing and her words are soulfire

What is your favorite tv show?

Downton Abbey has just left me adrift- Anisha and I used to live-text each other during the show and now we won’t have that. Any suggestions for a replacement?

I LOVE Doctor Who, although I haven’t been watching this season because Clara drives me up the wall. Jane the Virgin is also pretty amazing. I love that they slide political things into the story and that it’s about women supporting and loving one another in strong and vulnerable ways.

If you had to eat one food (not cuisine, FOOD) for a whole month, what would it be? 

Assuming that this food will sustain me and not lead to some terrible health condition: Ice Cream or popcorn because there’s a wide variety and I love them both so much.

What’s one silly thing you can’t live without? 

Netflix. I didn’t have cable for 4 years and I loved being able to watch full tv series without waiting for the next episode. It gave me the opportunity to catch up on some shows I’d been dying to watch (hello, Buffy!) and to find some of those older, hidden shows that no one really remembers but are the perfect “I’m almost asleep, but want to snuggle with some tv” shows. Now I have cable, but only because my internet provider makes it cheaper when you have both (which is RIDICULOUS) and I still don’t use it much.

What’s one thing people are always surprised about you? 

This is really hard for me because I definitely have verbal vomit where I just tell stuff –

car window

This might be what my car looks like.

even things that are probably best left unshared with strangers. But, I think people are surprised that I am as much of a scifi geek as I am. Also, that I am somewhat conversant in Turkish. That’s always fun for starting conversations.

So, that’s Jess in 10 questions!

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