What Lies Ahead?

We can’t believe we’ve made it through an entire year!

Focusing on underrepresented, marginalized, and diverse characters and authors has beenanisha & jess.png a blast. It’s enriched our lives, it’s connected us to amazing bloggers, reviewers, and authors and we can’t wait to keep reading!

But, an anniversary deserves a taking stock. An anniversary is a time to sit back, reflect, and dig-deep.

This week, we’ve featured posts that do that reflection.

Monday we talked about how the blog changed us. Tuesday, we learned a little more about Anisha and, on Wednesday, more about Jess. Today, we’re going to share what the future looks like.


So where do we see things going?


There is a big personal change coming for one of us – Anisha is going to graduate school to join the Blue Devils in the fall! This means we’ll be making adjustments to the review and podcast schedule as she establishes her routine and finds her grad school rhythm. Of course, reading and reviewing these books and becoming involved in the community has had a huge impact on how we see the world and we don’t want to lose that! We’ll do our best to keep going – and on a regular schedule, even if it’s reduced.

But, don’t worry just yet – that’s months away! In fact, we’re still pretending it’s not happening.

And, while we love The Bookmark, I have been working diligently with an amazing group to help launch the Muslim Squad – a resource for Muslims in the writing, reading, and publishing community working to support each other and write themselves into the narrative! If you find you’re not hearing enough from The Bookmark – head over there or check out the blogs and people suggested in our Similar Resources page.

We have our lineup of podcasts set through the summer and we’re excited about the books we’ll be reading. Some you have probably heard about through book buzz, others may be more “quiet YA,” but they all have something to offer.

Of course, we’re still hoping for change! We want to see more quiltbag books with happy endings, Muslim characters that are dealing with everyday YA topics instead of stereotypical ones, and books featuring characters with disabilities that aren’t the result of an accident or trauma. We’re only scraping the surface of the long list of things missing from YA rep – we hope we’ll be around as representation expands and more and more readers find themselves in books!

We hope our focus on underrepresented, marginalized, and diverse characters and authors has brought your attention to some amazing books. We’re dedicated to continuing that focus, bringing great stories forward and repping them hard to whomever will listen.

Any books you’d love to hear us podcast? Let us know in the comments!

Post Author: JESS



Jess loves SFF – old and new school –  and is learning to appreciate the more lovey-dovey YA under the careful tutelage of Anisha’s recommendations.

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