Update on The Bookmark

Hey everyone (or no one?)!

Just wanted to give you an update as our posts are much fewer and farther between recently.

Anisha started grad school (YAY! GO GIRL!) and won’t be posting reviews. She’s got to figure out her course load and determine if/how much she can read and then review. This also means that podcasts are probably done for the foreseeable future.

I am still reading great things and I’ll be trying to maintain my twice a month reviews. I have quite a few in the queue, I just haven’t polished them up for you yet.

While you wait for reviews, don’t forget the awesome resources we have available on our Find Similar Resources page.

And, if you’ve got a few extra dollars that you’d like to give to a worthy cause, Renée Watson (of our beloved This Side of Home) is raising money to save the home where Langston Hughes lived and to start an artistic community in the historical space. There are some really awesome gifts for donors and if you donate on 8/24 or 8/25 author Kwame Alexander will match your contribution! If you can’t donate, please share, share, share!


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