About Anisha & Jess

“Good friends, good books, and a sleepy conscience: this is the ideal life.”

Mark Twain

Anisha and Jess are two brilliant friends who bring you the hard facts about awesome books. We are currently focused on YA, but our interests are wide ranging. You never know where we’ll go next.

Learn more about us through our favorite books and characters!



Anisha is currently on an extended hiatus as she works toward her MBA!

To learn more about Anisha, check out the All About Anisha post.

Which four book characters do you take on a cross-country road trip? 

Cath (Fangirl) – Because she could retell my favorite YA books and give me the happy endings I want.

Luna Lovegood (Harry Potter) – Luna sees the world a little big off-kilter, which makes for a road trip buddy.

Ali Cooper (Trickster’s Choice) – She can defend us in case of danger. Plus she’s got an interesting family structure, which makes for GREAT car conversation.

Neal (Protector of the Small) – Neal’s got an awesome sense of humor. Plus, he’s used to spending time with a lot of women in charge.

Who is your book BFF? 

Amy March (Little Women) – I know Jo’s the heroine, but I’ve always loved Amy’s spunk. She may be a bit spoiled, but ultimately, she gets everything she wants.

Favorite YA romance? 

Ah! Can I pick two? I’m picking two – one “real life” and one “fantasy”

Wes and Macy (The Truth Above Forever) – Because who can resist a swoon-worthy ex-convict with a sensitive side?

Ron and Hermione (Harry Potter) – I don’t care what JK Rowling says. These two are meant for each other.

The prince is trapped in the castle and needs to be rescued! Who do you take with you on your mission? 

Keladry of Mindelan (Protector of the Small). Who do you bring along to rescue the damsel (dam?) in distress? The knight, of course! Kel and I would fight the dragon, scale the tower, and rescue that pesky prince.


winter hat2

To learn more about Jess, check out the All About Jess post!

Which four book characters do you take on a cross-country road trip? 

Ender Wiggin (Ender’s Game) because he’s focused, compassionate, and peace-loving so he’ll keep us from killing each other.

Meg Wallace (A Wrinkle in Time) for her loyalty, intelligence, and determination to see things completed.

Lyra Silvertongue (Golden Compass) for her sense of adventure taking us off the normal roadways.

Tehanu (Earthsea Cycle) because she’s strong, resilient, and can turn into something else (I don’t want to spoil it!).

Who is your book BFF? 

Newly discovered – Morwenna Phelps (Among Others) – she’s not from YA, but she loves SFF books, believes in magic, and fights for right. I also added about 20 books to my TBR list while reading this book.

Favorite YA romance? 

Well, Anisha did two, so… one that is classic and maybe not really YA:

Ged and Tenar (Earthsea) for their respect, love, and acceptance and the magic, dragons, and kings wrapped around their story.


June and Day (Legend) since they fight through some seriously awful obstacles – including their own stubbornness, bad decisions, and the violence surrounding them – to create a strong relationship dedicated to making the right decisions, even if it breaks their hearts.

The prince is trapped in the castle and needs to be rescued! Who do you take with you on your mission? 

Fire (Fire/Graceling series). She has some intense skills – obvious and hidden – and she fights to be herself while accomplishing her missions so I feel confident we would rescue the prince and keep to our principles while doing so!


Tell us what you think! Have you read the book? Loved or hated it?

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